The road back – Crisis management

4 thoughts on “The road back – Crisis management”

  1. The head aspect of recovering from injuries/traumas is often the most tricky part. Having been through a 2½ year perioid with multiple knee surgeries (skiing accident) and currently in the finishing stage of recovering from a broken collarbone (mountainbike) I am not sure there is really anything to do but to endure it. Keeping a social life and doing the rehabilition exercises definitely helps. As a former academic now in rehabilitation: Try not to think too much, it doesn’t always improve the situation.

    br, Henrik (who lived in Umeå sometime in 2008 when visiting the university while writing a phd, one my friends shared the avalanche story and I subscribed to the blog)

    1. Hi Henrik,

      Sounds like you’ve had your share of rehab. I hope you don’t have to do much more of that in the future and that you knees are fully functioning now. Ha ha, yes, as an academic I definitely have a tendency to make everything into a research project. I agree that thinking too much can be bad, especially if it means a lot of worry and over-analyzing. I haven’t had a lot of physical injuries before, so I haven’t got a lot of experience of bodily rehab. But I’ve done my share of mental rehab. Keeping a sober perspective of my situation and focusing on the goal to be as happy as I could worked surprisingly well for me then. I totally agree on the social life part. Thanks for reminding me of that!

      Sorry for my curiosity, but what did your do your PhD in and how did you end up in Umeå? I of course totally understand if you don’t want to answer, just had to ask 🙂

      1. Hi again

        Knee is as good as can be hoped for. Interestingly enough, it gets worse if I don’t train.

        I did my phd in computer science. In Denmark, phd students must (or are at least strongly encouraged) to go abroad 3-6 months. These stays are often arranged through the supervisors network, which was the case here, and I knew a couple of people there already. It didn’t really amount to any joint research, mainly due to the stay being rather late in my phd and I was frantically trying to finish it. But I am very happy about the stay there.

        I liked Umeå. I miss having a seamingly endless forest that I could just ride in. The darkness in vinter, not so much.

        Remember to do your rehabalition exercises. They will give you precious days when summer comes.

    2. I will (rehab that is)!
      Good to hear about the knee! And good to hear that Umeå treated you well in spite of its lack of mountains. I usually like the winter up here since I really like cross country skiing, but this winter has been awful. No snow, just slush. A very good winter to stay in bed in other words :).

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