The road back – one foot in front of the other

3 thoughts on “The road back – one foot in front of the other”

  1. So I hope it wasn’t me encouring you to do the squats.

    You know, they don’t open up peoples knees and put nails inside peoples bones for fun. The recovery time without the nail are insanely long, and you would probably still be in the hospital without it, to ensure that the bone grew together properly. But it is not magic, and you got to take it slow. But you already know these things :-).

    As you discovered joints become almost locked up rather quickly. Moving them around is very important. The tissue under my shoulder become stiff 4-5 after i broke my collarbone. It took a couple of months for it to go away. Keep moving them.

    I’ve had kneesurgery three times. It usually takes several months before the knee can be bend entirely together. However they (post surgery instructions) are usually very insistent on being able to stretch it fully. Usually light activity can be started way before though. If anyone at the hospital has said something that doesn’t match what I say, just ignore this.

    You can look forward to regrowing your muscle mass, it is complete pain. 3½ months after my collarbone broke and my shoulders are still flimsy and weak. But I can ride my bikes now. The ability to recover also disappears. After a light 1½ hour ride I feel worse than I would do after an all-day effort. But there is progress.

    Anyway. You are counting days. Recovery doesn’t happen in days, but in weeks, months, and sometimes years. Take it slow, and celebrate the small victories. Sorry to be the bringer of bad news here, but your recovery is probably going to take a long time. But hey, you survided an avalanche.

    1. Don’t worry, most of the stupid things I do are a consequence of the stupid ideas in my own head. This squat thing was no exception :). Thanks for the tips! I have worked with my knees and ankles every day, and it has actually paid off already – I am now able to bend my titan leg almost as far as I could before the surgery. Wohoo!

      But I know it will take time to get back to where I was before, a long, long time, and that it will take hard work. I’m sure I will get frustrated along the way. I guess that is why I focus on the days. Thinking about some small progress I did during the day makes me feel like I’m moving forward, even though I’m doing it in snail speed. Just like you say, thinking about the small victories makes me happy, and motivates me to keep up the good work.

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