A walk down memory lane II: Attack of the Klöver

3 thoughts on “A walk down memory lane II: Attack of the Klöver”

  1. Keep the frustration and dreaming going. You will need it when doing rehabilition exercises twice a day even though they suck, and when convincing yourself to do more training when you are dead tired because your body forgot how to recover in any sensible way.

    After breaking my collarbone in November, and starting on proper training in late january I am not at a point where my body can actually do stuff again. Went on my first proper long MTB ride today, and it was all it could ever be.

    I browsed some of the MTB stories, and I am pretty sure I used to ride with Marran and Jon (and I think a Jonas, but didn’t spot him). I digged a little on happymtb, and found a picture of Jon and me looking gawky here:


    Hang in there.

    1. Ah! Martin remembers you! I didn’t bike back then. Only started in 2011, but I’ve had the privilege to bike with Jon a number of times. He’s a lot of fun to hang out with!

      So happy to hear that you are on your bike again! I can’t wait until I can get up on mine. I realize that it won’t happen soon and that when it happens I will be dead tired after 5 min :). But as you say, I’ll keep my dreaming going on (and frustration) to motivate myself in my rehab. I finally got a proper program that actually makes me a bit tired. So far, Im super excited about it :).

      Thanks for the encouragement!

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