Beating up some ghosts

4 thoughts on “Beating up some ghosts”

    1. Jag håller med om det førsta och tackar før det sista :). Det finns stor risk att jag blir skogstokig, eller kanske bergstagen, av att bo hær. Norge ær provocerande snuggt!

  1. ow oww that was a gorgeous post. Good writing and some fantastic photos.
    >It takes a lot of energy to fight ghosts.
    ^ Is a line that will stick with me 🙂
    What inspired the monochrome? Some truly killer shots in there.

    1. 😀 that comment made me super happy! I found that some of the photos just looked so much better in monochrome, and Ive heard from a realiable source (hrm hobbit source) that you shouldn’t mix color and monochrome, so I constrained myself. But thanks!

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