Whales and foul language in Kaldfjord

2 thoughts on “Whales and foul language in Kaldfjord”

  1. So incredibly jealous! What an experience – thank you so much for sharing! The orca look so gentle and graceful there – you wouldn’t think they’re an apex predator!

    I definitely need to head to Norway – I’m planning of Iceland in February to try and catch a glimpse of some whales, but I know it’s not the right season! Norway is now definitely on the cards!

    1. Hi Karen, so glad you enjoyed the clip! It is such an incredible experience to be out there on the water with those magnificent creatures swimming by your side and underneath you. Like you say, the Orcas are so extremely graceful, and it is so nice to see everything from huge males to small babies. I really hope that you make it up here to experience the magic, and that you get to see some whales on Island!

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