6 months later

And it’s a celebration – we made it all the way to the top! Yes, on the day 6 months after our accident, we made it all the way. In spite of protesting body parts, hurting ankles, sore knees, and torn asses, we pushed ourselves (and our bikes) up that mountain all the way to … Continue reading 6 months later


Since I’m terrible at organizing stuff by tags and categories, I thought I would put my favorite tours somewhere where I can find them when life feels a bit gloomy and a need a pick me up. On this page, I’ve put my favorite bike tours. Some ride reports in Swedish posted on happymtb: En … Continue reading MTB


Summer is shy in the Arctic. It plays peak-a-boo and goes into hiding when we pay it too much attention. But it is here, and we know it. The sun has stopped setting, the creeks have turned into waterfalls, cowslips are flooding the grass all over town, and baby seagulls (and people) are flooding the … Continue reading Resurrection

Not so much kicking, but alive – the Kittelfjäll avalanche 2014

I’ve had some close calls in my life. My last one wasn’t close, it was right under my feet and over my head. On February 16th 2014, I, Martin and Maria remotely triggered an avalanche in our “home” mountain range in Kittelfjäll, Sweden. The avalanche broke about 100 m above us and caught and partly buried … Continue reading Not so much kicking, but alive – the Kittelfjäll avalanche 2014