Soul sisters

Family can be by blood or water. I have two sisters by blood, and three sisters by water, or rather by soul. I got to know them when we all started high school. The first time I saw Sara, she was wearing Levis 501, Doc Marten’s and a black leather jacket. She was the coolest … Continue reading Soul sisters

Good whale hunting

The whales have abandoned Tromsø. The herring has travelled north, and so have the whales. The past weekend, I and six friends decided to follow them. On Friday evening, we loaded our kayaks on the roofs of our cars and drove up to Skjervøy. We drove under a starry sky. I expected to see the … Continue reading Good whale hunting

Come work with me!

Are you interested in economic analysis of decision-making under uncertainty, with a special focus on decisions in avalanche terrain? Do you have a master in economics, perhaps even some experience in behavioral or experimental economics? Would you like to work within the White heat project and live in Tromsø, Norway? Then you should definitely apply … Continue reading Come work with me!