Midnight sun

It is mid-August, and the sun has once again started to take a dip below the horizon. This past summer, if one may call the past few months summer, the midnight sun has really made an effort to live up to its name, because it has mainly shown its presence during night. I don’t know … Continue reading Midnight sun

Arctic summer

Things don’t always fall out according to plan. Last summer, our grand plan was to tour northern Norway in Ralf, the yellow Caravelle, in search of hidden trail gems. We had to cancel that plan because of Martin’s mysterious illness. I wasn’t all too disappointed with staying put in Troms. We found more gems in … Continue reading Arctic summer

November sun

After 30 days of  more or less continuous (horizontal) rain (occasionally interrupted by snow and ice storms but always followed by more rain), the sun managed to fight its way through the clouds in Tromsø yesterday. Halleluja! We squinted our eyes and saluted the yellow giant. Color to the world! This called for a celebration! … Continue reading November sun