Good whale hunting

The whales have abandoned Tromsø. The herring has travelled north, and so have the whales. The past weekend, I and six friends decided to follow them. On Friday evening, we loaded our kayaks on the roofs of our cars and drove up to Skjervøy. We drove under a starry sky. I expected to see the … Continue reading Good whale hunting


I don’t know what to write in this post. For once, I am completely out of words. What I experienced yesterday goes beyond everything I have ever experienced in my entire life. I still can’t get into my head that I was actually there, that it was me sitting in that kayak next to those … Continue reading WohohoWhales


I had two reasons for moving to Tromsø. The first one was the mountains, the second one was the whales. I harbor a very naive love for mammals (and birds, and sometimes fish too). Like many other naivists, my greatest dream is to find a kindred spirit in a member of a different species. I … Continue reading WHALES!