Chicks on Speed

The past weekend, I and Martin participated in the yearly event Skibotn Stifestival. Skibotn Stifestival is a cheap (1000 NOK for two people including camping), perfectly sized (about 80 participants), and completely unpretentious mountainbike festival located in paradise (i.e., some 100 km east of Tromsø). I’ll willingly admit that I had some fairly non-modest expectations … Continue reading Chicks on Speed

Little Finale

So we’ve made yet another little video about our backyard trails. This time, the focus is on “Little Finale”. Martin gave it that name because it supposedly is a bit like the trails in Finale Ligure in Italy. I have never been in Finale, so I wouldn’t know. What I do know is that, every … Continue reading Little Finale


Some people are rootless. Being rootless isn’t necessarily negative of course, it may just mean that your home is where your hat (or helmet) is. I, however, do not consider myself to be a rolling stone. Quite the contrary, my root is  firmly based in the dark soil of Västerbotten. Umeå may not be the … Continue reading Belonging