198 days

And I am just about there. Not THERE there, that will still take time and a whole lot of work from my side (and some things will probably never go back to perfect) but still, there. A completely decent there. Functional there. I can’t run, but I can bike. That’s really all I can ask … Continue reading 198 days

I say YAY to life!

Yesterday, I beat the shit out of a hill that I quite often failed to climb before the accident… I couldn’t help myself from screaming out loud, both while still climbing and after: COME ON, YOU CAN DO IT!!! PUUUUUSH!!!! COOOME ON!!! YEEES! YESSSSS!!!! WOHOOOOO!!! WOHOOOO!! WOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!! I have legs! All that rehab, finally showing … Continue reading I say YAY to life!